About GMR

At GMR Health we believe that the way to success is to excel at employee satisfaction as well as employers’ cost management. No employer enjoys hearing petty complaints about health insurance issues, let alone escalation to unions… Ultimately, when employees are happy they are better at their jobs and in turn more devoted to their companies.

That is why we pride ourselves in focusing on making both the employers and employees happy, our goal is to help our clients save money on health insurance costs and provide comprehensive and hassle-free health insurance to their employees.

We bridge client savings with employee satisfaction.

Our business model is to be proactive, not reactive; when employees call for benefits relating to possible catastrophic claims we immediately get them in touch with a case manager that will guide them and help them navigate using their benefits. We make sure they know where to go and what to do to avoid high expenses and emergency hospitalizations. GMR notifies the stop loss carrier immediately so that there are no surprises when claim reimbursements are in order. GMR also verifies eligibility with the HR department to be certain that employees are using their health insurance properly. In situations where the employee is out on FMLA or covered under the ADA we track them to help keep the HR department on top of the situation. Too many times employees that were no longer eligible for benefits somehow slipped through the cracks at the employers’ expense (usually a very LARGE expense).

Many TPAs tend to drop the ball; between the numerous departments; customer service, claims review or benefits administration procedures are not followed and tasks are left open ended. With our company model and state of the art software we make sure to always be ahead of any potential large claim or expense, making sure everything is being done to manage the benefits efficiently and accurately. When benefit exceptions or questions come up we immediately involve the client to enable them to cut through the red tape in order to facilitate making a quick and final decision.

GMR customizes all benefits according to the client’s needs and requirements. Whether it’s departmental corporations with multi-tier employee base entailing multi-level plan options or union obligations. GMR will guide you to lower costs and better benefits, completely customizing plans to fit employer and employee needs. We work hard to be the benefits partner you deserve, with claims negotiations, claims review and fraud detection as some of the tools we use to manage costs and coverage.

We understand that our clients human resource departments have overwhelming workloads and sometimes are even unmanageable. That is why we hold their hands throughout introductions, enrollment, training and implementation of the health plan. We offer monthly reports to track patterns of spending and seek further savings as well as meetings to address any questions and concerns that may arise.