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Helping You Gain Control Over Your Healthcare Dollars Saving money and providing comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage gives you an edge your competitors can only dream of! GMR’s unique expertise helps guide you to rise above the rest. With strategic management and precise claims handling our number one goal is to save you money. .....

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Providing Brokers with the proper tools to offer competitive and comprehensive coverage to their clients. GMR partners with brokers to help serve their clients better. We understand that the client is always right, and our hands-on approach is evident of that. Customizable reports, HR assistance, immediate customer care and fast turn around for eligi .....

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Navigating through the health insurance industry can be daunting. Copays, Co-Insurance, Deductibles and out of pocket maximums are some terms you may come across when going to get medical services. GMR Health wants to help make you understand and simplify your benefits. When you call us, you get a live person, no recordings or long and confusing prompts. Our .....

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Helping providers offer the best care to our members is our priority. Our team is trained to assist you in billing and processing effectively and efficiently. Most medical offices do not have the time to wait for a representative to get claim status and eligibility information. While other insurance companies and TPAs make you go through numero .....

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